Scientists have Modeled the Death of Humanity

huge solar flare. Thread the end of the world, up to date for 2012, was a logical extension, due to the astronomical observations of the constellation of chanterelles, which was played this cosmic drama. A powerful flare that occurred on a star, literally blew to the surface of the planet’s entire atmosphere, and this event has been projected by scientists for the future of the Earth.

U.S. scientists have made ??a statement that one of the possible “end of the world” on earth is the disappearance of the atmosphere after a huge solar flare. A similar picture, astronomers were able to observe the constellation Vulpecula, which is located 63 light-years from Earth. 

Scientists have simulated a disaster with the help of a computer and even created a video so everyone could see firsthand the dreadful scale of the apocalypse. The difference between the Earth and the planet, of course, striking. Despite the fact that she as well as the Earth had an atmosphere and had a blue sky, the planet in the constellation Vulpecula its size and structure is more similar to Jupiter and was to his luminary is 30 times closer than we to the sun.

The experts, astronomers believe that the evaporation of the atmosphere was due to X-ray and ultraviolet radiation of the star, whose level is 20 times higher than that of the Sun. Scientists note that similar processes are observed on Earth, but with much less intensity.

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