Scientists Discover new Method for Healing Wounds. Finally in Surgical Sutures?

new-method-healing-woundsThe method currently used to stop bleeding, healing and healing of wounds and to prevent infection is surgical sutures. Although in most cases the stitches do not require removal and absorbed by the body itself, have the major drawback that leave scars (albeit subtle) for many years that sometimes never disappears.

To this problem is to end a revolutionary new method that makes use of laser and gold and exalleifei the need for stitches. It is a sort of “glue” containing gold nanoparticles enclosed in an elastic material, is applied by laser and is capable of moving in the body, creating a watertight cover which protects against hazardous spills and contamination. This technique is called ‘Laser Tissue Welding’ (LTW), is painless, leaves scars and marks and may be used in blood vessels, cartilage, liver, urinary tract and other tissues.

Researchers at the American Chemical Society tested the new method on pig intestines and are optimistic that it can not fully replace traditional sutures and suture methods.

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