Scientists: Chewing Gum Activates the Brain

gumStudies conducted by Japanese scientists from the National Institute of Radiological Sciences, suggest that the use of chewing gum, previously was regarded as a bad habit, has a positive effect on brain function.

This process allows you to activate the process of thinking, to increase the reaction rate and increase alertness by 10%, write today, February 3, the foreign media with reference to an article in the journal Brain and Cognition.

According to the researchers this, chewing gum activates the eight different areas of the cerebral cortex through a temporary increase blood supply.

During the 30-minute test study participants chewed gum, and the results of their brain is scanned and compared with those of control . Thus, scientists have found that a number of indicators in the first group was significantly better than that of the second.

In particular, the reaction of men and women who do not chew, to an average of 545 milliseconds, and in those who chewed gum – 493 milliseconds. In the first group were higher and other cognitive performance – the level of arousal, concentration, alertness, power of memory, as well as heart rate, which allows the brain to receive more oxygen, insulin and nutrients.

But at the same time, people who chewed gum, it was difficult to remember a column of numbers and letters, than those who did it with an empty mouth.According to researchers, chewing gum impairs short-term memory of the brain  because of  interference .

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