Roger Vivier Spring-Summer 2012: in a Thousand Colors!

Roger Vivier Spring-Summer 2012 in a thousand colors!No season itself that generates vibrations as good as spring or summer. Much responsibility lies with the explosion of colors that fills our closets, our styles … and we see both in clothes and in accessories.And so is the magnificent collection Spring-Summer 2012 by Roger Vivier, full of color and good cheer.


The dancers Gomette of Roger Vivier is a classic of the French firm. Its buckle is unmistakable as his trademark. But this season draw more attention than ever for their color. Available in six colors and made ??of rubber, are the most fashionable. An ideal shoe for day to day.


The French accessories brand offers us various combinations of dancers, belts and bag in different colors. R eye, green, yellow, orange, blue … To pick the one you like for every occasion. If you are very special with your looks and like to choose the color supplements, these proposals do not have problems, but in my opinion, may be excessive. You can also opt for the colored block -ins.Roger Vivier Spring-Summer 2012 in a thousand colors! 2

Bags Miss Viv ‘, Metropolitan and Metro … is renewed in cheerful tones. Models of all sizes for different times of day. Large bags or large handles and carved with chain or leather, perfect to wear for the day with dresses, jeans or looks of office. And portfolios for the night as the sophisticated yellow design.


Would you like to look with an accessory that fit perfectly? Do not worry, Roger Vivier has it all designed and created the perfect bag and belt for each dancer as they are exactly the same color. It only remains the very difficult decision.Roger Vivier Spring-Summer 2012: in a Thousand Colors! 1


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