Quick Test to Check Memory

 Quick Test to Check MemoryAnswer the following questions and found out if you need to boost your memory. You earn one point each positive answer.

 1. Usually remember things from the distant past, but not the short? 

2.It’s hard when you add without using paper and pencil?

 3. Easily assembled or not more than 60 minutes to an activity? 

4. You get used to forget a name, although they spent a few minutes from the time you set up? 

5. You can often forget what day it is? 

Says Patricia Cholfont, author of” Plan to Prevent Alzheimer’s “(published by Piatkus),

If you raised less than three degrees, probably does not have memory problems. If, however, exceeded three, your memory suffers

The nutritionist advises to eat fish, eggs and foods rich in omega-3 Fatty acids: the brain consists of fat 60%, thus fueling a fatty substance rich in functions facilitate between them and memory. Moreover, it suggests taking vitamin B that is necessary for the smooth functioning of the brain.

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