Poor Girls Win the Big Contest of the Intel

Poor girls win the big contest of the Intel

Samantha Garvey and his family was homeless for several months before the 17-year-old girls to become one of the 300 names reached the finals of a talent search contest organized by Intel science.Even though both parents are employed by Garvey, father is a taxi driver and his mother working in a hospital.Several months ago, the bill of the Garvey family have become so large that parents can not afford. Samantha ended up with his parents and brothers had been driven from their homes in just Eve. They had to go to shelters for the homeless in the New Year holiday.

In the same period of several months ago when that was still worried about the funds to pay for things like prom or festival proceedings book, Samantha has been attracted by species such as shrimp, crab, scallops , oysters and mussels.  With the support from her science teacher  Rebecca Grella, Samantha has not given up their passion and continue to study even if they had to leave school to work to support their families.
 Poor Girls Win the Big Contest of the Intel -Friends
By the efforts and her research data was rewarded Samantha worthily: She had made it into the final round competition of Intel talent search.
Share newspaper The New York Times, She said: “It’s really a great feeling.”
The gift is the largest value that Samantha has been received that you and your family had a house in Bay Shore, Long Island, New York. Besides, they also received support from Suffolk County program, a program that helps homeless families find a home to stay until their financial situation stable and can buy a home.
Samantha was money to fund a college education and pursue their dreams. Efforts to overcome the difficulties of children has led us to admire and emulate.


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