Another Planet Like Earth at 12 Light Years Away?

Another-Planet-Like-Earth-12-Light-Years-AwayThe eternal question, is there any other planet like Earth in the universe with the conditions of life like Earth?

While studies and travel in space trying to gather information to verify the issue, astronomers have come up with a new possibility. Just 12 light years from our planet would be one with conditions that could support life .

How Planet Like Earth Discovered

And is that astronomers seem to have found five planets orbiting on Tau Ceti , the nearest star to our solar system, very similar to the Sun in both temperature and luminosity. Of the five exoplanets, at least one would be in the habitable zone of its parent star, an area with potential to harbor oceans of liquid water on the surface.

This would equate to an exoplanet of between two and and six times larger than Earth. One of the five new planets found around Tau Ceti thanks to a highly sensitive technique, combining data from more than 6,000 comments from three different telescopes.

Expert View about Planet Like Earth

Astronomers used a radial velocity method that seeks the wake in the movement of a star caused by the gravitational pull of the planets. James Jenkins, a team member at the University of Hertfordshire, explained:

Tau Ceti is one of the closest neighboring stars to the Solar System, its brightness enables us to study the atmospheres of these planets in the distant future is not far away. Planetary systems around nearby stars to the Sun indicate that are common to our Milky Way.

According to data from 1990 have been discovered over 800 planets orbiting stars beyond the Sun’s found around the nearest sun-like stars are the most interesting to researchers because it could harbor Earth parallel .For Steve Vogt, another of the researchers:

This finding agrees with our view that virtually all pop stars have planets, and the galaxy should have many of these potentially habitable planets the size of Earth. In addition, they are everywhere, even very close to Earth as it is the case.

Professor Chris Tinney of the University of New South Wales, concluded that:

As we look at the night sky, we have to consider that there may be more planets out there which are not stars, a fraction of what could be habitable.

Anyway, this new discovery makes clear the idea that almost all directions we can see planets around stars, both near and far, in a catalog which astronomers are currently 854 confirmed exoplanets . 

Do you think that there are possibilities of more Discoveries of Planet Like Earth?

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