People who have Found a Soul Mate, Live Longer than Single

DepressionLoneliness not only leads to depression, but also in death, say researchers from the University of California at San Francisco. According to the results of their research, social isolation increases the predisposition to heart disease, and thereby becomes a cause of premature death.

Two experiments were conducted, one of which involved people with heart disease. However, the study who lived alone were more at risk of dying than their family, “colleagues.”

In the second experiment involved elderly people aged 60 and older. It was found that the likelihood of functional decline and / or death increased in proportion feeling of loneliness, isolation and lack of communication among the subjects. The results of both studies were published in the Archives of Internal Medicine online June 18, reports HealthDay News.

“Loneliness, whether it is forced, such as the loss of a loved one, or a conscious, chosen on their own, can become a serious risk factor leading to death” – says study author Dr. Deepak Bhatt (Deepak Bhatt), Director of Integrated program of cardiovascular interventions in the Women’s Hospital in Boston.

According to him, a person can be lonely, being surrounded by family, or, conversely, to live alone, but do not be lonely. However, in both cases, health problems are inevitable and a person who have Found a Soul Mate he Live Longer than any Single.

“If you have a sudden heart attack will happen, but it is not at hand will be needed medicines will always be able to come to your aid and protect them from danger, – said the doctor. – At the same time, single people are often prone to depression, which makes them unable to care for a. Therefore, the presence surroundings – it is only a plus. ”  

Previously, scientists Medical University in New York, made a proposal to organize a system of social support for patients with heart disease who are in isolation after discharge from the hospital. Involves not only an individual approach, but also regular meetings in a group format.

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