Obsessive Habits of Children

Obsessive habits of children 2If a child bites his nails, sucks thumb, picks his nose, pulling at the edge of clothing, biting their lips or influenced by any other compulsive habits, parents need to behave very wisely to help your child cope with the situation.

Easy, but vain way

When a child displays of themselves with their addictions, the first thing that comes to mind to make him a comment (by fiat tone, often going to the op), to punish, intimidate. And the effect this method of education is usually bad, or does not work at all. The parent begins to feel powerless and therefore only increases the degree of pressure on the child. In this confrontation, everybody loses.

Output – in the treatment of

As any competent treatment, getting rid of the habit should be comprehensive. And include: proper reaction of parents, changes in educational methods, the elucidation of the causes of the habit, the elimination of provoking factors. Consider each item of treatment in detail.

The reaction of parents

Obsessive habits of children 2Themselves change very difficult. But we must – for the sake of his “difficult” child. And when he again brings his hand to his mouth to start biting his nails do not hit on his hands and did not threaten to tie his hands. Ask politely, as you yourself would have been nice to hear the request. That is not “Come on stop it immediately,” and “Come on you stop biting his nails, please.” Immediately switch the child to any activity, interesting to the child.

Search for the cause

Of course, most of the bad habits in children related to their worries and anxieties. But being in a quiet environment a child may begin to bite his nails. What motivates parents to exclaim: “Well, you see, no one is nervous, but he is still in its … And psychologists have hung about a different nervousness there … “But the fact that the same nail biting a child can begin not only with emotion and fear, but out of boredom, out of a sense of loneliness, and even because of excessive loads, and fatigue when making some mistakes

The solution of psychological problems

Look closely attentive to your child and finding out where he often eats nails (picks his nose, etc.) to help your child cope with the situation in other ways, first by doing a lot with the baby and then give him more in action. If the child is unable to cope with anxiety, relaxation techniques to teach him to use skazkoterapiyu, to help overcome fears. If a child is bored – make an effort to teach him to hold himself carried away by something, find a hobby (by the way, children are often “hooked” on the biting of nails in the cars – they get bored sitting in a chair and look out the window, and there are currently class …).


Obsessive habits of children 2Any bad habit in a child, according to psychological research, is associated with the unconscious desire to draw attention to themselves, to declare themselves as weak and little man, and, moreover, with sadness in infancy. Therefore, if a child is overloaded classes, if it is a lot of home affairs (as in the older child in the family, for example), this could turn into a nail-biting and biting her lips. And in this case, along with other measures, to focus attention on the child that he can and often praise him for it “adult” independent actions. You can also pay attention to the child that no adult nail biting and poking his nose (in particular, girls are often valid warning that “if you will be biting his nails, they will never be beautiful and you can not get them paint, can not wear rings, so as not to attract attention to your nails, “etc.).

Not art …

Along with all other measures, it is important to remove the maximum of a child’s life triggers. If chewing his nails, then trim them regularly. If pulls his lips when watching cartoons, give the time of the cartoons. If picks his nose during a trip by car, entrust something to keep in hand throughout the visit, but try to do more while walking.

Learn to enjoy    

Obsessive habits of children 2Nobody eats nails and not wind the hair on his finger in joy! Bad habits are related to either boredom or with excitement. But not happily. And so the best prevention of bad habits in children may be their lessons of joy. Spend time with your kids and have fun together, feel free to fool around and fall in childhood. Hurry up to teach children to enjoy every day. Indeed, psychologists claim that if you do not teach a child to enjoy up to 14 years old, he will never become an optimist …


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