Nail Art for Short Nails


 Nail art basically is the painting decoration of the fingernails in order to make the hand and nails attractive and funky.. This art is commonly famous in all over the world and girls love to decorate their nails with beautiful designs in colleges,universities,Weddings, engagements  and other functions. There are a variety of nail art designs available which ladies and girls can put on their nails on every occasions.But some girls can’t decorate their nails because they have short nails and they can’t make them long naturally …such girls use artificial nails, but now girls don’t have to wear long and artificial nails to show off their artistic flair. In fact, short nails can be just as unique and interesting a canvas, it just requires a little more refined skill. by this girls who have small nails can also make their hands and nails attractive and funky… Some nail art pictures for girls who have short nails:- Nail-Designsshort-art-32732379212_d5be7177ba_z

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