Maternal Love,Shield Against Disease [Research]

Maternal Love,Shield Against DiseaseThe maternal love is not only priceless, but may protect against diseases in middle age. According to a new study carried out by scientists at Brandeis University in Boston, the more affection shows a mother to her child, the more it is protected from serious diseases like diabetes and heart disease, up to age. The study correlated the love of mother during childhood to reduce the risk of development of diabetes and heart disease at ages 50-60 years.

 The researchers examined 1,000 volunteers who came from poor families. Lead researcher and psychology professor at the university, Dr. Margie Lachman, estimated that events in childhood apparently left a “biological fingerprint” that follows us until you grow old.

He explains,

 The effect of maternal love in our health in middle age demonstrated tremendous .We now understand what the affection of which may help a man to escape from poverty and grow healthier than peers, who also grew up poor with him.

At present, researchers can only make assumptions . We estimate that a caring, loving mother to her child learns to be compassionate, to “teach” techniques to handle stress better not to affect his life and perhaps encourage them to live as healthily as you can, preventing it from being turned cigarette or to drink for consolation.


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