Manolo Blahnik shoes – A Dream Even for Celebrities

Manolo Blahnik shoesA Dream  Even for Celebrities 1The legendary brand “Manolo Blahnik” introduced a shoe collection for  coming winter this means that we have new objects of desire because there  is  every women  desire for at least one pair of these shoes.

The collection turned out quite varied.Shoes and boots, many of which are traditionally made by hand, suitable for any outfit, events and moods.Footwear decorated with geometric prints, color inserts, straps and fringe.Manolo Blahnik With high heels  all with  the style of the 1940s. The color palette of different brightness, used blue, magenta, burgundy and brown .


Manolo Blahnik shoes A Dream  Even for Celebrities

                                                                                    This brand “Manolo Blahnik” is really loved by many celebrities. None of them would not miss the chance to buy a new pair. Even Sarah Jessica Parker, was in Moscow, and want to go to the boutique Manolo Blahnik. Do you like anything from the new collection?        



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