Where to invest extra money in 20, 30 and 40 years

You started earning more than you spend. Received a large bonus for a deal or inheritance. Won the lottery and got a large amount. What to do with the money – Let’s read this article to explore where to invest extra money?

Where to invest extra money in 20, 30 and 40 years

How to invest money

Where to invest extra money in 20 years

In education

Behind his shoulders is several years of work, and it is already clear what skills are lacking and in which direction one needs to move on. Free money is worth investing in courses, seminars, trainings. The main thing is to make sure in advance that they are not carried out by charlatans, but by people who are respected in their midst. Such spending will bring new knowledge and new connections. And this promises a lot of interesting projects and an increase in salaries in the future.

In the airbag

The period from the age of majority to 25-30 years is the age of risk. The landlord may refuse a rented apartment. At work, they will shorten the youngest because he came last. I want to move to another city, where more prospects open up.

To survive the crisis period with minimal losses, you need to have an amount that would be enough for a normal existence for two months. It is enough to make a deposit for a new apartment and pay a percentage to the realtor so as not to starve during the search for a new job. To move it is desirable to use additional sources of income.

Tips for a younger age are valid for all subsequent periods of life.

In stock

When the savings are small, you can test the system for the future. Determine the amount, parting with which you will survive for a long time, and invest it in “blue chips” – stocks that show an upward trend. After 5-7 years, check how much money “dripped”.

Invest Extra money in Franchisee

A franchise is a variant of a ready-made business, when all conditions for development have already been created. But in this case, not only you choose, but you. A willingness to comply with the rules and work in a team.

Franchise costs can range from 100 thousand to several million. There is no direct connection between the cost and prestige of the company. Important are the costs of production space, equipment and so on.

Franchise – a training for which you do not pay the money, but also earn in the process. So what exactly is ideal for a young businessman. And it is easier to combine with work than own business.

Roman Alyokhin, founder of the marketing group “Alyokhin and Partners”

Where to invest extra money in 30 years

To stabilization fund

This amount should be enough for the family to live in the usual way for at least six months. It is convenient to keep money on a savings account in a bank: a small percentage is charged monthly and you can withdraw all or part of it without loss.

In savings

If you don’t need money in the near future, you can put it in a bank deposit for a fixed term. Early withdrawal is likely to deprive you of all bonuses, but the interest rate is higher here. Please note if there is a capitalization. If there is, charges will be added to the total amount on a monthly basis, then interest is charged on the increased amount.

Another important point is the possibility of deposit replenishment. The more you deposit, the more you can pick up.

Capital increase is obtained if the interest rate is higher than inflation. If not, it’s just about saving money.

Invest extra money in real estate through a mortgage

This option works if you already have a home. Perhaps you have already managed to get rid of the mortgage for one apartment and save up the down payment for the second. In general, investing in real estate through a mortgage is a controversial step.

Suppose you buy an apartment for 3 million rubles with an initial contribution of 750 thousand and 13% per annum. You are ready to give 33.6 thousand rubles a month for 10 years. During this time, you will give the bank 4.03 million, including 1.78 million in interest. The apartment cost 4.78 million rubles, and it is likely that its market price in 10 years will not soar.

If this is a secondary housing market, you can rent an apartment all the time. Based on the cost of housing, we can assume that the tenant will pay 20 thousand rubles a month. For 10 years, he will give 2.4 million, which will fully cover the interest on the mortgage and 20% of the original cost of the apartment. In this case, housing will cost you 2.38 million.

Invest extra money In own business

Let’s say you have previously trained on the franchise one way or another have mastered the skills of their craft . Now you can invest in your own business.

It is not necessary to open a company from scratch, you can buy a ready-made company. There are similar offers even on sites where mostly irons and prams are sold from hands. It is, of course, not about factories. These are usually small flower stalls, dill growing greenhouses, service stations, online stores, beauty salons.

The advantage of such a purchase is that the company is already working: the staff has been formed, suppliers and customers have been found. What you should pay attention not to burn:

  • profitability;
  • reputation;
  • no problems with the law;
  • terms of renting premises or land.

Even taking into account that the company is already working, you will have to sweat for profit: understand business processes, invest in advertising.

To succeed, it is important to understand how to solve problems, including those with inspectors, which tools work and which do not, which business direction you like and where you can perfectly realize your knowledge and skills.

Roman Alyokhin, founder of the marketing group “Alyokhin and Partners”

Where to invest extra money in 40 years

In retirement

Only optimists can hope for state support. Therefore, it’s time to think about how to feed yourself in old age. In this issue, suitable long-term deposits, “blue chips”. There are more options that will bring profit only in the long term.

Buying gold

This is not about jewelry, most of the price of which is the work of the master. Buy gold bars or coins, buy stocks secured with precious metals. The peculiarity of such an investment is that it will only pay off in a decade or two. That is just in time for retirement.

invest extra money in Venture funds

Putting all your money on this horse is not worth it. Venture funds invest customer funds in innovative enterprises and start-ups, and this is always risky. 70–80% of them do not become profitable, all hope is for the remaining 20–30%.

On the other hand, a small company can grow into Google or Apple. In this case, the investment will be not only profitable, but also enjoyable: you can boast that you invested in a conditional Google at the dawn of its activities.

In real estate without a mortgage

Buying an apartment without overpayment and renting it out is a variant of stable passive income. For rent it is hardly possible to live comfortably, but this money will be a pleasant addition to income. In addition, real estate – an asset that grows in value. The main thing – to check that the house does not appear in the lists for resettlement or renovation.

In health

Passive income is great. But if the interest on deposits, securities and other investments can feed you, you have hardly faced financial problems before. For the rest, not an unnecessary goal is to extend the working age.

After 35 years, the body begins to slowly but surely collapse. Therefore, it is worth checking all important systems and continue to do it regularly. A separate line is dentistry. Now the implants are inserted mostly in natural color, but for the price they are truly “golden” teeth. So go to the dentist and cure tooth decay right now.

Investment is always a risk. But who does not risk and keeps money at home then he loses a percentage of the amount in at least the amount of inflation. According to the forecast of the Ministry of Economic Development, in the next three years inflation will be 4%. 

Save money, risking, or safely but inefficiently keeping it under a mattress – which way did you choose to invest extra money?


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