Important lists that everyone should keep

One of the most common and simple ways of organizing life are lists. We are so used to them that few people think about how this is a great invention of mankind. In this article we will talk about what it is and what lists it is worth keeping to every reasonable person.

If I were asked to describe what lists are and what value they have in order to achieve their goals, I would compare them with the stairs. All our goals are tops of different heights and complexity. You can climb up the steep slopes, sliding on the steep slopes and stumbling over unexpected obstacles. And you can safely climb the ladder-list, confidently moving from one step-task to another.

The lists allow us to divide complex cases into many small ones, track progress and evaluate efforts. They do not let us forget what is needed and help us organize our day correctly. Lists surround us everywhere and can be useful literally in any area.

Important lists

1. Creative ideas

Creativity is a spontaneous process; it is rather difficult to drive it into the framework of standards. Therefore, the creation of lists of valuable ideas, original finds, unusual thoughts will come to your aid at the moment when absolutely nothing original climbs into your head, but you need to create.

2. Books to read

If, after reading the next book, you suffer every time choosing the next one, then it’s time to have a special list for reading. In it, you will enter every book that your friends advised you to read about in our blog or just saw it at a neighbor’s metro station. By the way, with the help of this list, you can quickly estimate the number of read publications and even recall the most useful thoughts from them.

3. Interesting events

The worst thing is when you decided to make a list of interesting places, impressions and situations that occurred in your life, and suddenly realized that you have absolutely nothing to fill it with. An excellent reason to review your attitude towards life and begin purposefully filling it with interesting pages.

4. Lists of current tasks

Yes, it is boring and banal, but we could not miss this kind of lists. They will help you better cope with your daily routine, have time for everything and never be late. In addition, the contemplation of the column neatly deleted tasks delivers just unearthly pleasure at the end of a difficult day.

5. List of movies to watch

All the same, as about books. There are so many films now being released that spending time on all sorts of nonsense is an unaffordable luxury. A well-designed list of movies will protect you from a random selection and allow you to see exactly the movie that meets your interests.

6. Wish list

The crisis of desires is not a joke. If at one point you felt universal boredom and realized that you did not want anything, then this is it. Their desires need to love, cherish and cultivate. And so that they grow better, you need to write them in a special list, which must have at least 101 points .

7. Anti-list

Everyone is used to the fact that you need to write down the tasks you have to complete in the to-do list. But in some situations it will be much more useful to have a list of tasks that can never be done. Drink. Take up cigarettes again. To blunt the TV. To lie Spent the day without completing a single item from this black list, then you are moving in the right direction.

And what original lists do you have? The idea of ??the most unusual list of your comments will be included in the text of the article with indication of its author and thanks from the editorial board!


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Thanks to everyone who responded to our request and shared his/her thoughts with us!

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