Images of Dubai’s Underwater Hotel

On 13.12.2007, for anywhere except Dubai, the idea of building a luxury hotel with the name Hydropolis depth 66 feet below sea level may be beyond imagination. But the location next to Burj-al-arab, skyscrapers have the ability to rotate, an artificial island in the house and yard skateboarding capital of the desert, perhaps a city under the sea was extremely consistent . At a cost of about 300 million pounds, this magnificent hotel will allow passengers to enjoy the peace and beauty in the ocean – as expected, the price would be about $ 5,500 per night for each room.


Can underwater hotel is not a single unique idea (Poised on resort in Fiji $ 105 million is in the finishing stages can be officially opened out before), but Hydropolis has size several times larger, at a deeper and more luxurious than many of its competitors.

 The guests and visitors will come from the land station at the beach in Dubai Jumuirah. There they can visit a high-tech cinema presentation of developments in ocean ecosystems and the building block in the ocean. Airfields in the shape of the waves will be eye-catching design and it also houses the staff of the Hydropolis, room marine ecological research, conference centers, car parks and even where surgical practice aesthetic.

At the lower side is a tunnel 515 meters long take passengers back and forth by boat departing from auto and coastline to the underwater hotel. Both the bubble 220 apartments of the hotel are located on the floor of the Persian Gulf, 66 feet (20 meters) below sea level. With the roof can open and close automatically at the banquet room, guests can enjoy the outdoor events to look extremely wonderful coastline along the skyline of Dubai when the weather is nice.

Hydropolis is a good security protection – a series of waterproof doors only allow thorough management of all key areas in case of disruption (hope no one gets trapped in when things were course) – and according to projections for a project with high costs, it can be the focus of the persecution, therefore this architecture will have a missile defence system in particular.

Hydropolis project leader – Joachim Hauser assembled a team of architectural experts on submarines and shore to design and build Hydropolis-but it seems Hauser is using this project as a way to start a business business even more difficult and far more expensive. Since 1999, he worked in a unit of the German special operations, research and design a hotel in space. Therefore, the scale of financial and technical challenges in the business of this sea is almost no big deal.

However, faced with the problems of marine environmental protection issues and funding for projects with large scale, the information about the official launch date Hydropolis almost was not published in any anywhere – it had been delayed to late 2007, but so far, this project has not been started.

Reference: Gizmag

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