Identify Lung Cancer With the Help of Your Toenails

Identify Lung Cancer With the Help of Your Toe nailsDespite the fact that modern medicine is able to successfully deal with the majority of cancer and even cure their cancer remains a major cause of mortality in the world because of its insidious ability of long-term asymptomatic, which leads to late diagnosis. The new technique, created by scientists from the U.S., allows to predict the risk of lung cancer which is one of the most common cancers ailments, with the help of  toenails. The first experiments have shown promising results.

A group of scientists from the University of San Diego, California (University of San Diego in California) has made ??an important discovery, which contribute to early diagnosis Mauger dangerous disease – researchers have found that the amount of nicotine in the nails of the toes can be a fairly reliable tool for predicting cancer risk of the lung. The growth rate of toenails is much smaller than the fingers – an average of one nail grows over the year by 1 cm by studying the amount of nicotine, which manages to settle in “horny outgrowths”, experts have concluded that men with maximum values ??of nicotine in the toenails risk of developing lung cancer is 3 times then the risk in men with the lowest values. Dann These were obtained in the experiment, which involved more than 800 men, and some of them have already been diagnosed this serious illness. In addition, the method proposed by researchers at the University of San Diego makes it possible to easily determine whether a person is a smoker or not. The study also found an alarming fact: some of the participants in the experiment had very high levels of nicotine in the nails, although not significantly were smokers. Nicotine did in their bodies due to passive smoking, which they were at home  or at work.


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