Highly Educated Society:Girls Read News Paper on Their Nails

Highly Educated SocietyGirls Read News Paper on Their Nails

There Are Different ways to measure the “Sophistication” plus education level of people in a society.The Following Picture represent the same idea.

It is “Amazing Fashion” as well as Girls can Read News Paper on their Nails to represent their highly educated society.Not Joke , Really here we describe 5 steps to place nail polish with news paper to generate this design.

Step 1.First of all placed on , nail polish and wait until become “dry”.

Step2.Dip finger-nail in alcohol..basically any can do, vodka is usually recommended.

Step 3. Press a strip of newspaper large enough to hide the entire nail on to your alcohol soaked nail.

Step 4. Achieve slowly and be extremely impress yourself.

Step 5. Paint high coat, if required.


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