Better Sleep To Make Your Dreams True

Better Sleep To Make Your dreams TrueThere are some  very simple tips which if you apply ,you can get a better night’s sleep without any sleeping pills which make you healthy and it  is necessary to fulfill your dreams.It also  improve your mood, your eyes shine and  face will glow,  you will feel young  and strong.First of all…

 1. Never eat before going to bed!

Moreover, that late meals very definitely affect our figure, late dinner provides work for the night, our stomach, which sometimes needs a rest too. If you itch to eat – do it no later than 2 hours before bedtime, eat only light food like vegetables, fruits, dairy products etc.

 2. Retire preferably no later than 22-23 hours

For a normal night’s sleep is enough for 5-6 h. biological rhythms, the most useful time for sleep – from 23 pm to 5 am. In any case, your dream must take the time from 2:00 am to 4:00 am. At this time, we sleep more deeply and “productive.” In this day bed is not recommended! Particularly desirable to sleep before sunset.

Oddly enough, the duration of sleep depends on the food eaten per day: less than eaten, the less sleep. By the way, very little sleep centenarians – no more than 4-6 hours a day. Draw your own conclusions!

 3. Sleep to head to the north or east.

In any case, since our ancestors insisted on the grounds that the direction of the magnetic lines of the Earth. The ancestors of the Chinese is in his entertaining teaching Feng Shui recommend everyone find their own direction favorable to sleep while trying not to put the bed directly opposite the front door and not abusing the mirrors in the bedroom.

 4. Sleep better on a hard flat surface.

No matter how it was a tragedy for today’s “Princess and the Pea”, a much healthier to sleep on a firm mattress. On the soft feather body inevitably bend and this causes a disturbance of blood supply to the spinal cord and various organs, which are squeezed. In addition, it leads to the denial of the nerve endings, which may adversely affect any body part. No wonder those who have suffered a spinal injury, and radiculitis patients, doctors recommend sleeping on the bed completely hard.

In addition, the lower will be your pillow the better. The low head while sleeping in a normal state supports the cervical spine, improves cerebral circulation, promotes the normalization of intracranial pressure, and even prevents the formation of wrinkles on the face and neck!

 5. The least helpful to sleep on their stomachs.

The most beneficial position during sleep on your side, automatically turning several times during the night. But you can sleep on their backs.

 6. Your bed should be warm and the air in the bedroom – cool!

Never disregard airing bedroom at bedtime, and remember that your linens should be fresh, warm and always beautiful. Preferable  made of natural cotton or linen. Of great importance is the color of clothes and the walls of the bedroom, red helps insomnia, and the blue and green shades of calm. In recent years there is evidence that the dark color clothes contribute to a better quality of sleep.

 7. Wake up alarm clock – bad!

The fact that our sleep is divided into cycles, each of which consists of the phases of the “fast” and “slow” sleep of varying depth. Usually, the cycles last from 60 to 90 minutes, and in healthy people cycle less. For a complete rest enough to sleep 4 of its biotsikla. However, normal sleep and 6 biotsiklov. It is very important not to interrupt sleep during biotsikla! If you wake up the man in the middle of one of these intervals, it will feel overwhelmed. Therefore it is better not to get up on an alarm clock, and on the “internal clock”. If you still crank alarm clock, you need to allocate time in such a way that a dream had a whole number of cycles.

 8. Do not lie around in bed!

As soon as you wake up , it may be early in the morning, we need to smile, stretch, throw blanket and climb. And we usually look at the clock, contentedly observing that it is too early to go to bed again. But the use of such dubious staying! Try to get up early and you will notice how many positive emotions and useful things will be added to your day. Gymnastics, slow water treatment, careful grooming, the ability to make a full and healthy breakfast.Perhaps the first will want to sleep, but remember that this is not a true need, and a habit of the body. Then it will pass.

 Try to do it with pleasure and you will see how to improve your mood, your eyes shine and  face will glow .


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