Guided Capsule to Inspect the Inside of Human Body Parts

Guidable Capsule to Inspect the Inside of Human Body Parts

It has successfully tested a capsule endoscopy guidable by remote control, inspired by science fiction, which has the ability to “swim” inside the human body parts and can provide physicians a level of unprecedented control to photograph inside. 

The capsule was designed to be swallowed as a pill and can be equipped with a camera. Once the capsule is inside the digestive tract of the patient, the doctor can guide the capsule through the body using a set of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), photograph specific areas of interest and see those images wirelessly. 

With the endoscopic capsule conventional technology, when one of them is on duty within the digestive tract, travel spinning randomly, and health personnel have not no control over which areas of the body are being photographed. Having the ability to guide a capsule, point it to the site of interest and specific areas selected photographing, is a technological breakthrough that will likely have many beneficial effects for patients and medical science in general.

Team Noby Hata and Peter Jakab, BWH (Brigham and Women’s Hospital), has successfully tested a prototype of its capsule, with the help of a team of magnetic resonance imaging. Tests have shown that the capsule can be manipulated to “swim” through a water tank. The next step of research is to validate the proper functioning of the capsule inside a human body.

In the future, this technology could even be used to deliver drugs or other treatments such as laser surgery, directly into tumors or lesions in the digestive tract. The endoscopic capsule technology is recording many advances in the Recently, by entities such as the company Given Imaging, a major global pioneer in the design and manufacture of endoscopic capsules. In the 2000s, the innovative capsules of this company went from being a rarity technology to reach one million units sold.


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