Glucose levels without blood test using digital puncture, thanks to this patch

Scientists have created a non-invasive adhesive patch that promises the measurement of glucose levels through the skin without a blood test with a fingerstick, eliminating the need for millions of diabetics to carry out these painful tests frequently. .

According to the study published in Nature Nanotechnology , the research team of the University of Bath hopes that it will eventually become a portable low cost sensor that sends periodic and clinically relevant glucose measurements to the user’s phone or smartwatch wirelessly, thus alerting the user to take the appropriate measures.

Gluscose Level With Out Blood Test

Measurement without blood

The patch does not pierce the skin, but removes glucose from the fluid that is between the cells through the hair follicles, which are accessed individually through a series of miniature sensors that use a small electric current .

The readings can be taken every 10 to 15 minutes for several hours.

An important advantage of this device over others is that each miniature sensor in the array can operate in a small area on an individual hair follicle, which significantly reduces the variability in glucose extraction and increases the accuracy of the measurements taken . Calibration is not required through a blood sample.

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