A Girl Addicted to Eat Dishwashing Foam

A Girl Addicted to Eat Dishwashing Foam

Kerry began to eat sponge and soap dishes since 2008. Photo: The Sun

Kerry nurse Trebilcock, 21, revealed she ate sponge cake of soap and washing with hot sauce or mustard. Sometimes she enjoy them by dipping in tea or hot chocolate biscuits just like that.

Because eating habits of this monstrous, Kerry often suffer stomach cramps, constipation and diarrhea. She said she can eat up to 5 days sponge with BBQ ketchup, mustard, sauces, jam or honey.

Kerry’s eating habits change after she went on vacation in Morocco in 2008. In the times that she go into the intestinal hookworm infection. Initially she often crave junk food, but then strange things happen.

 One evening, despite eating a lot but I still feel hungry. I decided to wash the dishes and suddenly feel the craving to eat sponge. I do not see you at all, just feeling like it when chewing it, “ Kerry recalled.

The doctors prescribe vitamin supplement on the menu of Kerry to help her quit early sponge and soap dish.


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