Giant Metal Trees Make Singapore More Beautiful

Gardens By The Bay 318 metal structures shaped tree rise almost 50 meters above the ground in Singapore. A unique eco-tourist resort wrapped in a vertical garden that uses solar energy to stay. Climbing plants, a unique setting, waterfalls hundred feet high, an exclusive restaurant and tourists entranced by the beauty of the surroundings. Singapore achieved Gardens By The Bay attract attention to Southeast Asia.

Gardens By The Bay 2This spectacular resort has cost nearly a billion dollars , Singapore looks like a sci-fi city where shiny skyscrapers blend with stylized trees full of life metal.

Gardens By The Bay

Gardens By The Bay is a botanical garden covering an area of one hundred hectares, in which a visitor can find reproductions of various and varied ecosystems of our planet. The biggest complaint is the area dominated by the 18 metal supertree, the Supertree Grove . In the structure of the supertree are anchored more than 160,000 plants, a variety of 200 species orchids, vines, ferns … Visitors can stroll among the supertree through a gateway located 20 meters high . Trees are equipped with large solar panels to capture energy from the sun and also have rain collectors. During the night the show is priceless, light and sound transport us to another world.Gardens By The Bay 4

The project aims to combine sustainability, architecture and ecology, has been designed by an international team of engineers, landscapers and architects Wilkinson Eyre and Grant Associates. The 18 giant trees, to be equipped with solar panels and rain collectors can produce the energy needed for lighting. The builders have stated that:

The desired effect is to create a living structure. Rings made of sprawling tropical gardens and plants that will come as a caress Green Bay.


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