Factory of Drugs Production in the Body

Factory of Drugs Production in the Body 1

Patients will not have to take the drug scooping out like this if the method of Russian scientists successfully. Artwork.

Medicine course is necessary for healing, but also has its downsides: expensive (very expensive drugs), oral and injectable medications are not always effective, common side effects and adverse Non-selective treatment.

Is there any way to avoid to put the exotic chemicals (active ingredients) into the body? That is what many physicians are interested and looking for answers.

The medicine in the national medical research center named after Pirogov (Russian Federation) said that can do this with a new approach through the use of potential bacteria.They “built factory bacterial treatment” on the basis of the microorganisms residing in the intestine. Just put into microbial genes, encoding proteins needed healing effects that can turn them into a “drug factory” in the body of patients.

The author of this new and unique idea is professor Andrei Skoporov. ” November we plan to conduct experiments on the patient, not the use of special medications currently which uses bacterial denatured to test the adaptability of our “he Skoporov revealed . approach allows application of the principle of “personalizing medicine”, meaning that each “plant” only suitable for one person, to produce a specific drug.

He Maxim Godzi, director of the new technology incubation InCube best support the study said: ” The virus can live in the body, just modified them “gently” is enough. No need to wait until the product, this stage the authors just interested in the selection of bacteria. That first allowed against a disease is very common in the big cities bacterial strain (disbacteriosis) “.


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