Fable: An Art Work, More Than a Clock (Video)

Fable a ClockWe all recognize a work of art when we see it, but in this case is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye is also a clock. Fable is the name of this creation so different from the o

thers.clock that is steeped in a poetic idea, that marks the time in an interesting and surely can not fail to see it work.

Fable a Clock

Distributed by Gilbert 13 , presents with a cage structure packed in a dome shape. Inside a tree tour to the rhythm of the seconds while swinging a hammock empty. An idea inspired by beautiful antiques and translated into a contemporary, besides liking for its beauty can also pass the time in a inspiradora.Los numbers are based on the object and the lack of needles, the numbers turn in the base by some circles that indicate the current time.

The 3D design  was previously developed through programs such as CAD to create objects as if it were clay or a handmade product. The measures are 23 cm high and 14 cm wide, but there is a smaller version of 18cm x 10 cm. To get one of these, you can buy in Gilbert Store 13 to USD 556 and the smallest at USD 333 . Here is the video to see its operation.


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