The European Union Has Banned Children to Inflate Balloons

The European Union Has Banned Children to Inflate BalloonsIn the European Union – balloons, whistles, pipes and “magnetic fishing,” admitted dangerous to life and health of children. 

New directive for children under eight years old is prohibited without adult inflate the balloons, so as not to choke or swallow does not a toy. The same prohibition applies to penny whistles, pipes and “magnetic fishing” – they are considered dangerous because of the small details, RBC reports referring to The Daily Telegraph. Children under 14 years of age is not recommended to play the pipe celebratory whistles that produce paper language – the new rules shield against the risk of swallowing a piece of paper tape. Also, the new rules set the maximum volume of children’s toys. A plush toy for children under three years can now be made only from materials that can be washed.


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