Drink Cherry Juice for Best Night’s Sleep

Drink Cherry Juice for Best Night SleepA glass of cherry juice gives us the extra 25 minutes of night’s sleep.Scientists from the School of Biological Sciences at Northumbria University (Newcastle, UK) found that people who regularly consume juice cherry cultivar “Montmorency”, the level of melatonin  a hormone that regulates sleep.

During the experiment, 20 healthy volunteers drank 30 ml of juice (natural, made from sour cherries, or placebo) twice daily for a week. It was found that participants who consumed natural cherry juice in bed for 15 minutes more. Total sleep time they increased to 25 minutes, and the so-called “sleep efficiency” has increased by 5-6%. The content of melatonin in their body has grown by 15-16%.

According to the head of research Dr Hovatson, the role of the cherry juice to increase melatonin levels and, consequently, the quality of sleep was confirmed for the first time. The results obtained proved once again there is a clear relationship between food consumption and quality of life in general.

By the way, have long known that high-grade quality sleep helps maintain ideal weight. So to us, losing weight, a glass of cherry juice does not hurt  unless, of course, it would be natural juice, not the tinted water bewitched with sugar, which under the guise of “juice” is often sold in stores.


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