Now Depression Can Detected by a Blood Test

DepressionDepression is often the cause of death and disability. And this is not news. So how do you escape from this “monster”? As soon as possible to know of its existence. And this will help … a blood test. U.S. scientists are already close to the creation of such a test.

Depression (from the Latin word depressio depression, depression), few taken seriously. But early depressive disorder, and that is how it is called in the language of medicine, a phenomenon which is the danger should not be underestimated. In addition to all the known “beauties”, it often provokes a commitment to drugs, alcohol, and as a consequence of diseases of internal organs. And experts predict the World Health Organization in 2020, this disease will come in second place in the world among those who bring death and disability.

American scientists, wanting to save the world from a terrible illness, working on a test that will allow for a blood test to determine the presence of depressive disorder in adolescents. This is a serious disease related to mental health problems, which manifests itself in young people under 25 years of age. And its formation at this age says, as a rule, the harmful heredity and genetic origins.

The study authors point out that even one percent of the population aged under 12 years of depressive disorder is present in full measure. But during puberty and adulthood, this figure increases to 17 and even 25%. But in the case when the depression manifests itself in a younger patient’s age, the forecasts will be more negative, than when ill adult. In young patients with unsettled psyche, if time does not begin treatment, may develop alcohol or drug addiction, as well as increased risk of antisocial behavior, suicide. And these negative, to say the least, the manifestations may persist and go with the young person into adulthood.

Scientists admit that at the moment treatment of depressive disorders is based only on reports of the patient about his condition, as well as observations of doctors. But neither the one nor the other can not be called an exact diagnosis.

The research work that has been created on this subject, says that only the blood biological markers could provide objective data. And they, in turn, would serve as reinforcement for verbal information, and would increase the accuracy of diagnosis. And all of this together has helped to expand a small arsenal of therapeutic agents now, and find an individual approach in the treatment of each patient.

Working on the creation of the test, the researchers conducted clinical trials on mice. This process identified 26 possible biological markers of depression in the blood of rodents. A similar study was then conducted with the participation of people. The full examination of the body involved 28 people (African Americans and the Europeans) from Chicago. Age surveyed ranged from fifteen to nineteen years. Fourteen of them had suffered from depression.

Studies have shown that 11 out of 26 identified biomarkers have been found in some quantity in the blood of those teenagers who suffer from depression. In addition, it was found that 18 of the 26 biological markers can accurately show whether the present adolescent depressed mood also increased anxiety.

Instructor of Psychiatry, Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University Eva Redei believes that the availability of an accurate diagnosis based on blood analysis, would allow easier and faster to detect the disease among adolescents. Also, it would put depression in a number of other serious diseases, and thus overcome the flippant attitude toward her.

Currently, research in this area are continuing. The scientists recruited to participate in these young people from different states and cities of America. But still want to ask a question: what really helps in the fight against this monster called depression, if not the remedy? After all, no matter what medicine is offered, people continue to suffer ….

Of course, many ways, but there is an old grandfather. This is a constructive approach to solving the problem. Hold the work that will take everything at once: the mind, heart and hands. And you will not notice how you are healthy!

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