Carbohydrate Dite Has a Potential Cause Of Cancer

CarbohydratesExcessive diet, its emphasis on carbohydrates, threatens the development of serious diseases. Among them diabetes, cardiovascular disease, inflammation of internal organs and even cancer and dementia.

In addition, such a diet may adversely affect the operation of genes. This conclusion, according to portal “culinary Garden of Eden”, drawn by researchers from the University of Science and Technology.Specialists conducted a survey of two groups of middle-aged men, one of which followed a balanced diet and a diet dominated by other carbohydrates (65%). It was found that the carbohydrate diet affects health so fast that the experiment was stopped.

Scientists clarify that under the carbohydrates in the study understood the simple carbohydrates like sugar, refined flour, potatoes. The carbohydrate diet based on the fact that carbohydrates are a source of energy needed to man. They are not encouraged to avoid pasta and bread, and sugar. Proponents of this type of diet also believe that in every meal must eat some protein like meat, fish, eggs.

To calculate the nutritionists have developed standard unit  karbogramm . Number karbogrammov same measure carbohydrate content on product packaging. Accordingly, the daily rate for the amount of food taken, corresponding to 120-150 KBG. This is the nutritional value of, for example, four fresh fruits and three high-protein meals. All food is distributed on six receptions (7-10-12-14-16-19 hours). After seven days a week to eat a diet should be as usual, but with the restriction of sweet, fatty, spicy foods and starchy foods. How to assure fans of the carbohydrate diet, it can help you lose up to five pounds per month.

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