“Bubble” in Your Neck – A Very Unique Necklace

Bubble in Your Neck - A Very Unique NecklaceIf it is worth noting, the challenge is to find that piece you from the rest. A piece of your outfit does not clash but the enhancement and that missing touch to your appearance. For that and more are the accessories.

Women who know the value of these items are in constant hunt, looking for the most innovative accessory , the most elegant, the most appropriate for day to day, in short, that makes you feel more beautiful.

In search of originality that many women who take their jewelry necklace may have a long way Bubble advantage over others.

Bubble is a necklace composed of glass spheres of different sizes that resemble translucent bubbles. These glass spheres are connected by a transparent synthetic fiber (nylon) that provides the illusion that the bubbles float on the neck of the wearer, with nothing to support them.

The designers of this Necklace Marina and Susanna Sent are specialists in art and Murano pertenencientes a family that has generations working Venetian glass. The sisters have maintained the tradition of Murano but working in the jewelry design incorporating unique and contemporary vision to work.

The only touch the collar is provided by the light, colliding with spheres generates a very attractive sparkling effect. Who dares to steal insurance buy all eyes of the night . Although I am not a specialist in the subject, from the look of a fashion apprentice, I say that this necklace would look amazing with a dress strapless simple shear, so that the protagonist is entirely the Bubble.

The necklace is made in Italy Bubble and has a cost of $ 115. Can acquire the online store MoMA , Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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