Braided Hair has Become a Fashion Trend

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Recently, braided hair has become a fashion trend. The wedding season this year also saw the rise of this trend.

This year, the brides with long hair will be free to choose their hair style fascinating religious festival gentle strokes. Discover the New Year hair style in this season:
heair style
heair style 1
heair style 2

heair style 3

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You really gentle with the Tet-style roof style or “waterfall” and the other alternative. With hair trends Tet, the bride will not have to take hours to wash your hair after the wedding ended. Hair plaited honor the gentle beauty, elegance and natural features.
You refer to two extreme hair color to the look and feel of your wedding day!
1. Tet beam: With this hairstyle you just need very simple tools. A small curly, 5 ring belts, hair clips and clamps to help you do so more easily. The bride can do her own hair without hair expert first!heair style 7
2. Tet one side: this hairstyle is even more simple! You only need to prepare a hair belt only. Although simple in implementation of the bride would be really gentle and elegant but no less attractive and prominent part of your wedding day.heair style 8
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