Beautiful Nails Design For Modern Women

Beautiful Nails Design For Modern WomenIt has long been known that the hand a card of any modern woman. But the largest and most attention is usually paid to manicure. Currently, new technologies allow you to create the most intricate designs on nails.

 Individual nail design helps to immediately stand out from the crowd with an unusual color or shape nails. None of exquisite manicure is not without artistic painting nails. Hands of a professional can make a nail work of art. Thus, a qualified master afford even the whole theme song.But you can make an interesting painting, and at home, it needs to arm themselves with tools and show the share of imagination. If you are not confident in their abilities, you can use ready-made applications that are easy to find. However, before you glue application on the nail, it should be evenly lacquered. On completion of the nail to secure the application, the nail plate coated with fixative. This will help keep long nails neat appearance.

 Beautiful Nails Design For Modern WomenChange the design of the nails can choose different shapes claw. This is done by sawing or capacity. In the latter case, the diversity of the nails is greatly increased. The most common forms are now “Stiletto” (much narrower free end of the nail), square or almond shape. Gaining increasing popularity EDGE -form (augmented fingernail is stiffening, often passing the center of the nail plate), oblique shape-shifted into the side of the apex. Masters of nail design and can offer more extravagant options – such as the implementation of the free edge of the nail in the form of ladders or wave. However, such design can only be used for artificial nails.

 Never out of fashion and classic French manicure , decorated, for example, a gold stripe. Variations in color from white to light pink jacket will help you make more interesting.

Beautiful Nails Design For Modern WomenLarge selection of support materials makes nail design unique and uniquely for each client. To include ornaments shaped nails with glitter Reflective effects that are perfect for parties, festivals and masquerades. As well as applique, sequins need to be consolidated basis and varnish-fixative. Very popular rhinestones and crystals S warovski.

 Most of these ornaments are suitable for receptions, where they will be accentuated by the solemnity of the evening gown and personality holders manicure.

For the festivities well suited surround manicure, but the execution of this design requires certain skills, so it would be better to turn to professionals, who with the help of acrylic powder, gel, color varnish and create their own fantasies on your fingers a work of art. The downside of such a nail would be his short life (maximum of 3 days).

 Beautiful Nails Design For Modern WomenNail piercing is the element that emphasizes the individuality of its owner. In the nail plate carefully, using a special tool, drilling a small hole to insert a ring, pendant or stud. Decorating piercing is usually part of planned composition, but may play a role and the main design details of the wizard. However, to deal with such ornaments should be very carefully and cautiously.

Nail design – it’s a great opportunity to express themselves and to draw attention to the bright element self-image

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