A Bad Make-Up of Stars Expose the Beauties (Photos)

bad make-up 3Although today is not April 1st, but it will be important to discuss the ridiculous makeup of stars. For some reason, celebrity makeup artists are constantly stepping on the same rake. And finally expose these beauties are not at its best.

The fact that the concealer is not always hide the blue circles under the eyes, swelling and other disadvantages. In this case, comes to help a white powder. However, it can only use a professional makeup artists. After all, if you overdo it, in normal circumstances you can not notice. But it is necessary to make flashes of photographers, all the errors in the literal sense in the face.When we publish such material, we want you to be sure to take note on the make-up mistakes and do not repeat them ever. A repeat is only the best make-up of stars.bad make-up

bad make-up

bad make-up


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