Amazing Models of Castles on Growing Miniature Trees

Amazing Models of Castles on Growing Miniature TreesIt’s too magical art of Bonsai, and to also add small buildings. The Japanese designer Takanori Aiba joined the ancient art of growing miniature trees, the art of building small models of castles and also houses a small scale. Have been almost dreamlike creations of this designer known for his labyrinths and for being a renowned director of architectural spaces.

I must confess I’ve always had mixed feelings about trees Bonsai .I love trees and causes me some grief to know that bonsai will never have a normal size and that they live pruning, but I also love to watch them in full, but now with these small structures of castles and houses that will said Takanori Aiba.

The designs  are worked with plastics, paper, plaster, acrylic resin, paint, among other materials, and are these little castles or communities surrounding the tree. It has really built amazing works , each filled with details on where to see, tiny worlds and a story in each space.


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