7 Beauty “Miracle” of Vinegar

7 Beauty "Miracle" of Vinegar1. Sunburned skin treatment

Use dab vinegar on the sunburned skin, immediately reduce heat, cool skin.

2. Reduce body odor

Add a cup of white vinegar into the water bath, perform regularly, your body odor will be significantly reduced.

3. Make an indentation traces of bites

When the insect bites or itchy skin, redness, you can dab a little vinegar on top. The swelling will rapidly falling.

4. Acts as an astringent

When skin cuts, scratches, use a mixture of vinegar and cool water can soothe skin instantly.

5. Shiny hair

After the first wash with shampoo, massage your scalp with vinegar will give your hair shiny, clean bucket.

6. Care pink heels

Soak feet in warm water mixed with a cup of white vinegar, then rub the pumice stones used to remove dead cells.

7. Treatment of skin diseases

These types of skin diseases such as fungus, foot odor, warts … will be improved or healed after treatment with vinegar. Also, you can mix honey, flour and vinegar to apply to the notes broken pimples. Type “medicine” will soon benign wound healing and no scarring.


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