1. Sing in the shower!
  2. Treat everyone you meet as you would like them to treat you.
  3. See the sunrise at least once a year.
  4. Never give up homemade cookies.
  5. Aim for excellence, not perfection.
  6. Plant a tree for your birthday.
  7. Return rented cars with a full tank of fuel.
  8. Never miss the opportunity to tell a loved one that you love him.
  9. Keep it simple.
  10. Build big plans, but enjoy the little joys.
  11. Become the most positive person and the biggest enthusiast you know.
  12. Forgive yourself and people.
  13. Say thank you often.
  14. Avoid negative people.
  15. Wear polished shoes.
  16. Remember the dates of birth of your friends and relatives.
  17. Constantly improve.
  18. Keep a firm handshake.
  19. Send out a lot of valentines and sign them.
  20. See people in the eye.
  21. Hello first.
  22. Return everything you borrowed.
  23. Make new friends , but keep old ones.
  24. Keep secrets.
  25. Plant flowers every spring.
  26. Get a dog.
  27. Always take the hand outstretched to you.
  28. Stop blaming others.
  29. Take responsibility for everything that happens in your life.
  30. Be where you are needed.
  31. Do not expect life to be fair.
  32. Remember the great power of love.
  33. Believe on One God.
  34. Do not be afraid to admit your mistakes.
  35. Feel free to say: “I don’t know.”
  36. Rejoice even small improvements in life.
  37. Keep your word.
  38. Marry or marry only for love.
  39. Revive an old friendship.
  40. Call your mom and dad if they are still alive.

Please share your experience and tips , if any.