250 Milliseconds are Enough to Fall in Love-Research

love-at-first-sight-2I Do not believe in love at first sight until , and of course, now I am a strong advocate of Cupid and its tricks to leave us stunned .

Well, it seems that scientists of the University of California have done some experiments , with those they come to conclusion that it took 250 milliseconds to judge the person we have in front of us, When we look at someone for the first time we take a first look at the central area of the face slightly below eye level as determined in this study, and we find three options: fight, flee, or love at first sight. Clearly, the most interesting is the third one.


 UC Santa Barbara researchers Miguel Eckstein and Matt Peterson says,

It’s pretty fast, it’s effortless we’re not really aware of what we’re doing

Personally I would like to know what happens in that area of the face to fall in love or judge any one so quickly. But I guess to answer  I have to wait for another surprising study.

Source: UC Santa Barbara

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