In 2020, it will be Possible to Fly to the Moon for $ 1.5 Billion

Moon-Mission-tripOn the eve of the 40th anniversary of the flight of the American ship “Apollo-17” on the moon, former NASA specialists announced plans regular commercial flights of tourists to the Moon .

Private U.S. company Golden Spike said that in 2020 is going to start manned mission to the moon. The campaign was also named a price pre flight, Now round the moon for two will cost at least $ 1.4 billion.

The founders Golden Spike – the former head of operations of the “Apollo” and NASA Johnson Space and former head of research department NASA Dr. Alan Stern, they intend to make the trip to the moon relatively accessible to humans in next years.

Company president Alan Stern, understands that the offer is addressed primarily to governments of other countries, but they can take advantage of the rich and just fans of extreme adventure.

According to him,we are now negotiating with some of those who are interested to conduct scientific experiments on the Moon. But the success of this business venture will need to pre-sign “contracts are for three or four expeditions,” and much more. 


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