A 10 Years Old Girl Invented an Explosive Molecule

A 10 Years Old Girl Invented an Explosive Molecule

American girl stunned the scientific community.

Many children have a passion for bombs, but American Lazen Clara, a girl of 10 years, accidentally discovered a molecule capable of storing energy tetranitratoxicarbon that can be used as explosives.

Girl with a molecule invented in chemistry kits and then showed him a teacher. Surprised, it called on Professor Robert Zoellner (photo) from Humboldt State University in northern California, to see if that girl did or not a molecule. It searches a database managed not to provide any results, which meant that the girl discovered a new molecule.

Molecule and that, if it were synthesized, could be used to build a b0mb as well as for Energy Resource. Clara and her teacher, Kenneth Boehr, published a paper with Robert Zoellner about this discovery.

Source: Gizmodo

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