10 signs that you have met your soul mate


Find out if there is a person close to you among friends. Spoiler: a soul mate is not necessarily the other half.

Soul Mate

1. It seems that you have known each other for ages.

You recently met, but it seems that you know each other almost from birth. Some of the details of your lives are so similar that it seems like you were growing up together. Views on important things are the same. And it gives a feeling of comfort and closeness.

2. You understand each other

Most often, without clarifying questions, you understand what a person wants to say. In most romantic or friendly relations, the system of gestures and signs appears over the years, this is facilitated by close communication. But some people come to our lives already prepared and correctly interpret what we want to convey. And it simplifies everything very much, as it is not necessary to waste time on explanations.

However, no one should expect telepathy sessions.

If you need something, tell me about it. So much better than to wait for a person to accomplish things, and then be offended that he did not understand you.

3. Differences do not argue you, but develop

Even the twins, for all their outward resemblance, are very different in character. What to expect from strangers, in fact, people. Naturally, you have polar different qualities. But by itself it turns out that you are not using them as a reason for a quarrel . Differences in character and behavior allow you to learn from each other, making each of you more perfect.

4. You empathize

“Together in grief and joy” are not empty words, this formula works in love and friendship. An empathic person can understand that he feels an acquaintance in distress. And the pain of a truly close person is experienced as if it were their own.

5. Joy brings you closer

If everything is clear with the grief, then usually the situation is not that simple with joy. It is rather simple to sympathize with someone, but it is already more difficult to divide moments of happiness. If you are truly capable of this and do not envy, do not turn each other’s achievements into an element of competition, do not devalue other people’s successes, and this is mutual, then such relationships are worth it.

6. You can be yourself

Usually, when meeting a person wants to seem better than he really is. We save our strangeness and eccentricities for those with whom we become closer. Although in this case, it happens, we do not reveal ourselves to the end.

This is a safety issue: showing oneself from an unusual side, a person may face ridicule, reproaches or insults, which is very unpleasant. With soul mates, we feel so relaxed that we are not afraid to be ourselves.

7. You easily tolerate each other’s weaknesses.

Relationships can be approached with different standards. More often, it is customary to evaluate them from the perspective of how much people invest in them, what they do, how much they are willing to change.

But you can come from the other side: among your loved ones there are always people who are less enraged than others. You easily get along in one territory, your habits do not contradict each other, and the idea that you would be better off alone does not flicker. Do not underestimate such people.

8. You are together because you want it.

The main thing that binds you is the desire to be near, not external circumstances. If you subtract from the equation a joint mortgage , a common business or some other obligations, you will still communicate, and no better and no worse than now.

9. Your quarrels are not the end of the world

You, like everyone, argue and quarrel, but at the same time reconcile fairly quickly. First of all, you value each other enough to prevent contradictions from destroying relationships. Secondly, you recognize each other the right to different opinions. Thirdly, even in the heat of a quarrel you are holding back from strikes at the most sensitive pain points.

Due to this, the clarification of relationships does not end with cracks in them, you simply step over the conflict and move on.

10. You just know that it is he / she.

It sounds subjective, but does the concept of “soul mate” itself relate to facts and logic? If you look at someone and you see in him a reliable comrade, without whom you would not be who you are, no other evidence is needed.

Is there a person in your life whom you are ready to call a soul mate?

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