10 Easy Tips of Working From Home

Working from home is quite common in recent times. Having the ability to set our schedules and be our own bosses are just two of the many advantages of working independently.Contrary to what many people think, work from home is not something simple. The flexibility inherent in this type of work can be a double-edged sword, procrastination, and consequently, low productivity can occur at any time making us waste time, money and confidence of our customers.

10 easy steps of working from home

In recent years I alternated the “normal work”-that it forces you to go to an office and meet a schedule, work from the comfort of the house, and definitely the latter is what has brought me more benefits, without However, to achieve maximum productivity when working from home is a complex process, since there is a lot of “sources of distraction.” The family, pets, television, video games console, sofa and so on are good excuses to leave work aside.

The following tips are designed to help you achieve greater performance while working from home , some obvious and others may seem contradictory, but most important is that you identify the most useful to consider and adapt to your own routine.

1. Start the day right

The way you start the day will mark a significant your mood for the day. Get up early and enter immediately upon waking activity will have a better effect on your day if you get “5 minutes” in bed turning or staring at the ceiling.

Getting out of bed every day at the same time , do some exercise, take a shower, make breakfast or walking the dog are great ways to start an active day, but they are the only options. Find a way to activate from the moment you wake up.

2. Sets targets before you start working from home

The first step in achieving goals is to have well-defined, and at this point lists can be your best friends . Make lists for everything, so it is unlikely that you will miss something important and the satisfaction of completing tasks throughout the day will keep you focused and motivated.

My recommendation is to maintain 3 lists:

  • The first list should be the most important tasks of the day, ie, which should put more effort and should be complete by the end of the day.
  • In the second list you can keep the tasks you would like to complete during the day, but not necessarily the most important, in other words, you will realize if you have time after finishing the first list,
  • Finally, the third list can keep the little things, but you should complete at some point in the week or month, for example, the reminder to pay utilities or credit card.

Ideally, update these lists daily , either at the end of the day or just before starting to work.

With the myriad of web applications and mobile available today is very simple to create and maintain lists, my favorite Evernote , Astrid and Wunderlist .

3. Off social networks while Working from Home

While staying connected is important, especially for freelancers , social networks can easily become killers of productivity lost how many mornings because you got a link in a tweet ?

There are several techniques to manage time effectively, one of them, and my favorite-is the technique Pomodoro , which allows switching between work packages and short breaks in order to reach the time for all and reduce blockages mental fatigue and overwork.

The idea is you get a routine that allows you to get the most out of your most productive hours, leaving little breaks to check social networks, send a few messages, make a phone call or answer an email . In blocks of work forget about Twitter, Facebook and other distractions.

4. Generates a good working atmosphere

Being at home gives you a golden opportunity that you do not find as an employee of an office and is precisely the possibility of creating an atmosphere that makes you feel totally comfortable .

Put your favorite music at the volume you want, work in the dining room, living room or in the garden are some advantages of working at home, in fact, change “office” site will help you generate new ideas and being awake.

If you live together it is necessary for your family or colleagues know your rules and schedules so as to avoid interrupting in the middle of a block of work. If you work from your room or have a space intended for the office, close the door is a good choice.

5. Create a reward system

If it costs a lot to adapt to a management technique specific time, a reward system can be useful and help you stay motivated.

The reward system would be primarily to reward you for each completed task . It can be as simple as give you time to go to the kitchen for a fruit, clear your a little looking out the window and taking fresh air or generally anything that makes you feel good and motivates you to continue the work.

You must be careful with the time it takes to enjoy the reward, remember to return to work and that anything that takes longer than necessary can quickly become a distraction and that’s not what you want.

6. Do not forget your friends

He had already warned that some advice may seem contradictory, and if you still have in mind the number 3, you are about to see why.

Although he spoke of the importance of off and off social networks, one of the difficulties that you encounter when working independently from home is to have a second opinion. Friends and former colleagues are very important . Feel free to write, to show the work you are doing and ask their opinion. Working from home does not mean it should be isolated from the rest of the world.

Attention, friends are important to share leisure time and weekends where it is hoped, should not have work. Share a few beers, a good meal and a chat about something completely away from work will also help you break the routine. Do not forget your friends and people around you outside of work.

7. Create a workflow and stick

Every project, regardless of size, must follow a series of steps. Starting with an interview with the client, a survey and analysis of requirements, submit a budget and develop a contract.

It’s easy to be achieved with clients who want something “simple” and we believe our capabilities we can venture to give a special “X” by ensuring that project quickly, but suffice it to skip a single step of the process so that the chances of something goes wrong it tripped.

Do not allow under any circumstances that alter workflow and reduce the margin of error it will show your client that you are professional in what you do. Within your normal work process,establishes clear delivery dates and meets them .

8. Do yourself a workaholic

Most people who work from home, although it could speak of all, love the work they do and enjoy it so that there are no time limits, so go workaholic is very easy for some.

That there is flexibility in scheduling does not mean you have to work endlessly, you must maintain schedules and respect . If you decide that your work day ends at 18:00, do not stretch out beyond that time. If you’re organized and fulfilling your work packages on a regular basis should not have to work overtime to complete a task. If it is a work in progress, this should lead the first list the next day.

Take the end of the working day to review the objectives achieved and set new goals. After this, go to the movies, share with your family or just relax on the couch.

9. Look after your health

Many who work independently from home and we spend many hours a day at the computer, totally immersed in work and paying little attention to our health.

Try to exercise regularly , do some exercise not only helps to be in good physical health, also contributes to mental health. It is important to have a chair that offers good back support and armrests that has, so the body will have a more comfortable position and does not generate additional and unnecessary stress.

Breaks are necessary, leave the monitor for a few minutes if you’re tired.

10. Delivers the best of you every day

In closing, I left that to me is the most important of the tips in this list. If you decide to take only one, I hope it.

The fact that you do not have a person dressed in suits giving orders all day, does not mean you’re not working. Your clients are paying you and hope that your behavior is that of a professional. Being a freelancer , unlike what many think, is a real job and your clients expect tangible results.

Assumes responsibility for your work, this is not school where you could leave the task to one side and then blame the dog. Work hard and build a good reputation . If you fail, you harm not only your image but also affected the confidence they may have on other people employed.

If you work hard at the end of the day haberte can be proud of all you have earned by simply doing things right.

Please also share some other tips of working from home that we missed.

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