Understand how the 5G will allow remote surgeries

While the medical staff only watches the operation, the robotic arms will perform the Remote surgery. Surgery will be performed from Distance from anywhere on the planet.The medical surgeon commands the device with millimetric precision in real time which is a kind of video game of life. Closer to becoming a worldwide reality, the 5G will bring much more than ultrafast connection speeds and a more reliable mobile internet. One of the main characteristics of the fifth generation of mobile broadband was demonstrated here in São Paulo. In an actual application in the health area through this simulation of robotic surgery at a distance.

Remote Sugery with 5G

Using a virtual reality glasses, the surgeon’s pen simulated the scalpel during the operation. The demonstration showed the application of the biggest advance of 5G. It is on very low latency and with almost immediate response time that technology promises to bring.

In addition to significant advances in medicine, low latency will improve many cases of mobile network usage and even allow the creation of new applications. When it becomes a reality, the standalone car will need to make decisions in milliseconds to ensure traffic safety; and the 5G will allow it! Still thinking about safety, another interesting example is the remote operation of heavy machinery like that used in mining or reforestation …

The world’s first 5G commercial launches are due by the end of this year. In the United States, two major carriers are preparing to offer their 5G networks. In this first moment, mobile broadband with ultra fast and high latency stability will still be available only for fixed access – as, for example, the internet of our house. For applications like remote surgery, 5G will take a little longer, as it needs a more robust and widespread infrastructure across different parts of the world.

It is expected that the first mobile phones enabled to operate in 5G begin to appear in the market from the second quarter of next year, then, yes, we will be able to live the new technology in the palm of our hands and feel. In addition to the almost immediate response time and the high rates of data transmission it will be superb. Experiences like 4K video and virtual reality should be greatly enhanced with 5G. But it is also expected a huge impact in the industry, which has been increasing efficiency through digitization and connectivity.

In Many Countries, the frequency auction of 3.5 gigahertz  (which is the range on which 5G) will operate  is expected to happen in the second half of 2019. In other words, 2020 is the year that 5G services will be started.We can hardly wait, the promise is great. We are about to live another technological revolution and you will follow and know everything firsthand here in the Revoseek.


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