Yuilop – Messaging App for Free Phone Calls and SMS?

Yuilop-Messaging-App-Free-Phone-Calls-SMSYuilop is a instant messaging app such as Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, chaton, and so on and so forth. But yuilop has something more that could literally beat the competition.

Yuilop is a simple app for instant messaging to communicate for free with everyone. In fact, not only can send messages to other users of the same messaging service, as with Whatsapp, but we can also send text messages to other mobile phones that do not have yuilop, and make calls to landlines and mobiles absolutely free of charge.

Unlike Skype, in fact, that we need to add credit to the platform in order to make our calls, yuilop is based on a system to “Energy” , completely free of charge. The Energy has to be earned, it is true, but you can not do through the payment of money . The only way we can gain Energy of our accounts is to use the service.

 By the sole installation of the app, we will have the Energy available that can be extended by inviting our contacts to join us in the platform yuilop, chatting with our contacts and promotions by downloading the developer.

Invite more contacts, send more messages, the more we can make free calls through the platform of yuilop.

Among the features of the app, it says on the AppStore:

  • Free calls to mobiles and landlines in Italy and around the world
  • Free SMS to mobile phones and landlines in Italy and around the world
  • Multimedia and unlimited free chat with all your contacts yuilop
  • Send unlimited file with all your contacts yuilop
  • Chat group up to a maximum of 20 people

A really important point for each messaging service online is related to privacy.Yuilop chats will be encrypted , then the developer will not have absolutely content to be sent to third parties. The system, as well as Whatsapp, using only the mobile phone number as an identifier, so our account can not be stolen if we change smartphone or tablet.

 yuilop is available on the AppStore and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The App is optimized for the iPhone 5 and requires iOS 4.3 for its proper functioning.

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