Xbox Music, The Music Beats on Windows 8

Xbox Music, The Music Beats on Windows 8 1

If Windows 8 was to find their X Factor, seems to find it in the brand Xbox : a new music application created for each device that supports Windows 8, in fact, take in the sight of all the music that the user group will be able offer on the basis of agreements with the record companies. And given the magnitude of the potential fielded, it is to expect something really new from the parts of Redmond.

The music beat on Windows 8 and Xbox through Xbox Music , the application with which the group will put in the hands of users as a free offer streaming ad-supported, as a traditional music store. Users, however, can not only buy and store their music locally, but also keep a copy in the cloud so you could ensure full availability anywhere, any time  tracks endorsed by the Microsoft store.

On the basis of lessons learned from The Verge, the debut was set for October 26 , the same in which Windows 8 will be out doing their official debut on the market. The service will be accessible from Windows Phone obviously , and applications Android and iPhone would be so within the plans of the group, but could not see the light until a few months (thus leaving the Windows world an immediate competitive advantage).

Every single user of Windows 8, in short, will be in the hands of a sort-like Spotify (so much so that The Next Web speculates possible antitrust problems if things are not done its best to prevent a short circuit competition) that could dramatically transform the ‘impact of Windows 8 on the consumer market : the offer cross application may in fact make all the ubiquitous presence of the desired content, which would make the offer so Microsoft finally to the ambitions of the company (within the which still scald the defeats suffered by Zune).

Nothing transpires at the moment about the international availability of the service: it should be noted that in Italy and other European countries is not easy to manage linearly rights with record companies and negotiations often endure months. Therefore impossible to assume from the outset what may be the future prospects of our country to the date of onset.

Source: The Verge
Via The Next Web
Image: Xbox Music


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