World’s First Block 480G mSATA Interface Solid State Drive Was Born


To access the computer data in solid-state hard disk, there are many models in the market.we usually think of the solid-state hard drive and are generally suitable for installation in the greater appearance of size notebook or desktop use 2.5-inch SSD.But if we want this solid-state hard disk to installed in the ultra-thin or appearance design is extremely compact notebook becomes almost impossible to achieve. Today this has become easy to accomplish things.

As you can see, Mushkin launched the world’s first ever block 480G mSATA interface solid state drive. His power box data transmission lines will be connected directly to the motherboard and  you can use lightweight hard disk in such a compact design in a snap.        

MO-300 mSATA data interface Dimensions 50.80 mm x 29.85 mm x 4.85 mm piece of solid-state hard drive but provides 480G of storage space. The equipment use Mini PCIe interface which provides Firmware Up-gradation facility to user.        

SSD uses a SandForce SF-2281 SSD processor which support ATA APM and security settings. This solid state drive will pass to the $ 499.99 price sales in early January next year.

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