Windows Blue Will be a Detriment to Companies

Windows Blue Will be a Detriment to Companies 1

Yesterday, I leaked the first information about Windows Blue which is the update form of  Windows 8 and which should be released in mid-2013. With this release of the operating system, Microsoft will launch a series of annual updates which is an innovation that will probably be appreciated by users but not by companies. It is known in fact slow user adoption of a new enterprise version of Windows due to the need to carry out tests prior to installation on all computers. If this business strategy is confirmed, for companies to make the update will be virtually impossible .

Windows Blue and subsequent updates will replace the old Service Pack into practice and introduce new features. Apple has chosen to release new versions of OS X every year but the spread of the operating system from Cupertino does not reach the same percentage of Windows. Companies prefer a slower cycle update (Windows XP is still used) to have the time to test the new version and if necessary update the fleet, a change that usually occurs every 3-5 years.

Although analysts do not share the choice of Microsoft. Michael Silver, Gartner has stated:

Whenever Microsoft accelerates the pace of updates creates a problem for companies.What Microsoft should do is think about different update cycles for consumers and businesses.

The only viable solution would be split into two Windows , developing a consumer version and an enterprise version. In essence, Microsoft is expected to return to the past. In 2000 the company released Windows Millenium and Windows 2000 and Windows XP on the operating system became sole.


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