Why, Happy Children Mostly Grow up as Losers? [Research]

Why, Happy Children Grow up as LosersEvery parent strives to provide the maximum of their child in every way possible, and to create the best conditions for his development. However, it is not always a happy childhood may a rainbow to the right degree to prepare children for adult life, in which many difficulties and troubles.

In America, a study reveals the dependence between a happy childhood and adult achievement. Most of the children of intact families in which love and protect them from any trouble, believe that real life is easy and carefree . Gradually, as they grow older, a teenager comes to the realization that not everything is so beautiful as it once seemed. Life outside the family is often fraught with many difficulties, troubles, tragic accidents.

Children who have never had problems, will not be sufficiently independent, it will be very difficult to cope with difficulties without the help of their parents. That’s why parents do not have to constantly try to protect children from certain problems.  sociologists conducted a survey among people of different professions, ages 30 to 45 years. It turned out that people with a happy childhood is almost completely absent ambition and ambition.

Adults who grew up in happy children, tend to be confident that they will do everything for them and they do not have to exert any effort for it.  Of course, this does not mean that if childhood was happy, then that child will not be able to achieve success in the adult of life. But it was revealed an interesting pattern: most of happy and everything is completely secured in the childhood of children … that can reach little  into their adult lives.

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