WhatsApp Safe or Unsafe?

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WhatsApp Messenger is probably one of the most popular on iOS AND Android. But the question that is burning well to most users on your mind: WhatsApp is safe or unsafe? In the past few security problems were discovered in WhatsApp – missing or weak encryption, could last even foreign WhatsApp accounts are accepted. Meanwhile, the news makes the rounds that WhatsApp is safe. But you can trust this service continue?

WhatsApp Messenger is expected as between different operating systems such as Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry probably continue to remain first in the number. With the latest update WhatsApp server side probably has done some changes. As a consequence Foreign Media reports in this post “WhatsApp have stuffed the security holes”:

The operator of the popular SMS alternative WhatsApp has secretly made changes to its service in order to plug a known vulnerability for some time.

Sounds principle quite well. However, one comes to the (lack of) communication of WhatsApp and with its customers mad at. No word on the actual problem of insecure user accounts by poor encryption. 
For about two months (!!) itself from the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology classified as critical gap was known. Even using a browser you could use WhatsApp on your computer  – but no response from the owner.

WhatsApp incidentally seems to have actually done on the server side some adjustments to improve security. So reports Sascha Gehlich that the “WhatsApp Web service” on filshmedia  operates (currently not available due to WhatsApp to change):

The service is currently not available right now due to server-side changes done by WhatsApp Inc.

However, it adds to the current issue  via Twitter  to add:

 Looks like WhatsApp has fixed their password security thing. But not really, they just changed the encryption. Investigating …

So wait. Whether WhatsApp is safe or unsafe time will tell and hopefully expose the hacker. The fact is that WhatsApp definitely not enough with the customer speaks and there is practically no open communication. Increased trust you so NOT!

Maybe it’s about time to think about switching to another messenger service idea. However, it would be difficult to exceed the critical mass for the use of “just a service.” For iPhone users should consider in any case iMessage into consideration – except iMessage allows himself once again a break .


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