WebRTC Working Draft Published

WebRTC Working Draft Published

Overall Architecture of WebRTC

WebRTC is a project of open source that led Google to make possible the real-time communication using audio and video through HTML5 and JavaScript.

And we talked for months about it in Genbetadev, the project has made good progress , especially in important ways as their documentation which at that time was virtually nonexistent .

The W3C announced yesterday on 9 Februrary publication of the working draft on WebRTC 1.0 by the working group in charge of it.

The document defines a set of APIs to represent the flow of multimedia data (including audio and video) in JavaScript that allow multimedia data are sent through the network browser to browser or devicethat implements correctly the set of protocols for communication in real time and play it locally.

The specification is being developed in conjunction with a protocol specification developed by the group IETF RtcWeb and a specification of the API to access multimedia content from local devices byCapture Media Task Force .

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