A First look at Visual Studio 11 Beta (Download)

A First look at Visual Studio 11 Beta

After a long wait since last year , has finally come within reach of thousands of eager developers the latest beta of Visual Studio.

And as a good geek , as I write these lines  I’m downloading and installing.

Meanwhile, I have queued the tfs 11 beta and windows 8 beta . I mean, today I have to start the keyboard as I watch with a look infatuated progress bars.

The first impression was a pleasant surprise. We are facing a meter installer (burn with desire to install it on the Windows8 beta) that works very similar to my windows phone interface.

Much, much more

But I am left with my mouth open when I access the download page of Visual Studio 11 Beta and I realize that this was not just the tip of the iceberg .

I can descargarme Visual Studio Ultimate version, Premium, Professional and Test Professional. in three different flavors : Web Installer Standalone installer or the DVD5 ISO image.

Good luck with the French, Germans and Japanese, with versions in their native languagesOver 500 million people speak Castilian to expect.

But wait, in the section of Team Foundation Server, I can download the version 11 beta, the new Team Explorer, Team Explorer Everywhere and biggest surprise, a Team foundation Server Express. free version of the repository , but pretty gelding for ALM .

I keep finding myself surprises, in the section of Express I find expres version (free) Visual Studio 11 for Web development and a specific version for Windows 8 I have to try.

Finally I have access to a library of facilities among which is included. NET 4.5 Beta, Visual Studio Agents, IntelliTrace, Remote Tools, Visual Studio and Visual Studio Shell SDK . Everything for the 11 beta version of the product.

Come on, who have for a long time testing both new toy.

Source: Microsoft Press
Download link: Visual Studio 11 Beta downloads

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