When Virtual Machines are Able to Spy on Other

When Virtual Machines are Able to Spy on Other 2

Today, more power to the servers and especially the flood of cloud, virtualization has become almost the norm on servers. It allows you to run multiple virtual machines share hardware resources and are totally independent of each other but also supports hosting them. This allows for example to Cloud systems give you as much power as you want depending on your needs and seamlessly.

Researchers have made ??a discovery which could raise doubts about these solutions, especially in the cloud. They managed to create code that is installed on a virtual machine, retrieve the private crystallographic keys stored on other virtual machines in a word, to spy on what the other virtual machines. 
This code is able to trace in real time what happens on the first-level cache processor, something that was thought impossible or at least unusable before.

This discovery is the result of an earthquake in some areas and will require a lot of thinking to implement countermeasures able to avoid such a thing is possible. In fact, more and more large groups using the Cloud from outside, they are no longer immune to listen to their servers. 

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